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Publish at NRL

Does your RTO have a suite of quality materials that support nationally endorsed Training Packages?

Does your material meet the elements of the individual or a set of competency codes?

Do they include sufficient underpinning text and were written by subject matter experts?

Would you be interested in promoting your organisations material through the National Resource Library (NRL)?

If you have answered yes to the above then NRL would be interested in hearing from you.

The National Resource Library has been established to create a community of 'current' resources and ultimately help organisations to not 'reinvent the wheel'. It will encourage subject matter experts to develop materials by making it more attractive to invest your time in developing a resource knowing that others may be interested in using your materials 

It is understandable that you have spent a considerable amount of time and money in developing your intellectual property and you may want a return on that investment. NRL can help you in subsidising your efforts by possibly providing income for the sale of your materials nationwide.

Please contact us at with the title list (include competency code).

Publishing of materials for the less popular areas are preferred to ensure that all industries are supported. For example, there is currently no requirement for Business Services materials (BSB07) as the market is well supported.