David Kelly

David Kelly
Executive Director
National Resource Library Pty Ltd

David has had over 15 years of experience in the VET industry through commercial management, consulting, solution building, sales, marketing, technical support and hands on training delivery through one of Australia’s largest training providers.

His skills extend to product and project management, product development, introduction and customer training.

Has demonstrated relationship building with suppliers and customers through a number of senior level positions at Commonwealth Agencies.

A results driven project leader with strong communication skills that enables him to be a dynamic no-nonsense performer; having passionate views about activities that increase the human capital of this nation. He is married with two daughters aged 2 and 19 and speaks two languages.

Tertiary qualified with a Mechanical Engineer permits a multifaceted approach to the VET industry that ultimately produces logical solutions.

David has also invested a total of 14 years serving with the Australian Army (part-time) within the Engineer Corp as a non-commissioned officer, having operational experience and very recently involved in support to disaster related areas. His motivation for this is to primarily enhance his skills with coaching and mentoring young soldiers and to give back to the community that has looked after him in the past.

The National Resource Library has been developed to fill the gap with current training materials that registered training providers find so difficult to locate. This is done through harnessing the intellectual property of the talented people in the VET industry who have spent valuable time in developing quality materials.

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