CPCCOHS1001A Construction Induction Start-up Pack


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CPCCOHS1001A - Work safely in the construction industry

Help your students get their white card
Easy Guides use words and pictures to help your students get their white card licence.

Mapping of materials included
Learning tasks are mapped to the performance criteria in the unit of competency.

  Stick with the tick
Easy Guides Australia submits all learning and training materials to the National Quality Council (NQC) Noted Tick process.

Save thousands of dollars
A consultant will charge you thousands of dollars to map your training materials. Easy Guides saves you that cost. We've fully mapped your construction induction start-up pack to the unit of competency.

Construction induction (white card) start-up pack includes:
•  10 x learner's guides
•  1 x trainer's guide
•  1 x PowerPoint presentation and quiz CD
•  1 x trainer's resource CD.

Construction induction (white card) learner's guide
•  Theory and practice training tasks
•  Evidence your students have done the learning to sit the test

Construction induction (white card) trainer's guide
•  Theory and practice training tasks
•  Tells you about different learning styles
•  Shows you ways to train with Easy Guides picture-based learning

Construction induction (white card) PowerPoint presentation
•  Sums up the elements in the unit of competency
•  Includes a quiz

Construction induction (white card) trainer's resource CD
•  Forms
•  Mapping of the elements
•  Review questions
•  Practical tasks

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