TLILIC108A Forklift Learner Workbook 10 Pack


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10 Piece Pack

Forklift Truck Learner Workbook

You can buy the learner workbook 10-pack on its own or as part of a start-up pack.
Learner workbook:
•     NQC noted tick training support material
•     Maps the learning tasks to the unit of competency TLILIC108A Licence to operate a forklift truck
•     Evidence your students have done the learning needed to sit the test
•     Picture-based to suit visual, auditory and tactile learners
•     Students use this book with the information book.
Elements covered:
•     Element 1 - Plan work
•     Element 2 - Conduct routine checks
•     Element 3 - Shift load
•     Element 4 - Shut down and secure forklift truck

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