BSBCUS301A Deliver & monitor a service to customers - Online L/R


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Candidate Packs: This product will increase the ability of the Candidate to apply learned skills and is excellent for either students or employed learners.

The assessment in this book has access to a simulated online business which is used as a tool to help complete the assessment if needed. It is not an online assessment.

The assessments maybe completed using the simulated online business (login provided) or the learner’s workplace:

• Material is prepared carefully and reviewed frequently to ensure currency, assessment validity and a consistently high calibre product

• Complete material required for learning

• Organised in sections relating to Element and Performance Criteria for easy referencing

• Full colour and includes introduction, summary and key points

• T/F Quiz at end of each Element to ensure comprehension

• Practical Activity at end of each Element to ensure ability to apply with additional information to enhance learning and discussion

• Useful for face-to face or distance learning with your RTO support

• Six (6) months (from first log on) access to simulated online business

• Written assessment using either simulated online business or Learner’s own organisation, third party reports, oral questions and role plays as appropriate

• Assessment mapping, critical aspects of evidence, employability skills mapping, literacy and numeracy test where required

• Complete RPL kit in every Assessment Pack

• All bound in perfect binding

• Some customisation available (Double Branding)

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