BSB30107 Cert. III in Business - Trainer & Assessor Resource


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Business Services Resources BSB30107 Certificate III in Business - A Guide to Training and Assessment Activities with CD-ROM

This Guide takes you through the process of designing training and assessment activities for clusters of units relevant to a variety of job roles that relate to the Certificate III in Business. They are examples only, and intended to show how units can be combined to deliver job-relevant training in the following functional areas:
  • Administration (including Information Management)
  • Customer Service (including Product Skills and Advice)
  • Information Technology
  • Workplace Effectiveness (including Interpersonal Communication)

This Guide is designed for:
  • trainers and assessors employed by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that are registered to deliver and assess the Certificate III in Business
  • trainers and assessors employed by senior secondary schools that offer the Certificate III in Business via a VET in Schools program
  • workplace trainers and assessors working in partnership with RTOs to deliver on-the-job training for apprentices enrolled in the Certificate III in Business
  • individuals responsible for the development of resources that support self-directed, distance and/or flexible training and assessment strategies for the Certificate III in Business.

The CD included with this Guide contains customisable templates for Assessment Record Sheet, Holistic Assessment Activity, Promotional Brochure (PDF version also included), Self-Assessment Checklist and Training and Assessment Strategy. 

This Shea publication has been noted by the National Quality Council.

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