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TAA40104 CERTIFICATE IV IN TRAINING AND ASSESSMENT A Guide to Integrated Training and Assessment Activities - complementing the TAA04 Learner Guides and Assessor Guides INCLUDES a resource CD of word formatted forms and activities. This Guide has been developed for those individuals and organisations that currently provide the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as a complete qualification.

It takes the reader through a step-by-step approach to implementing integrated training and assessment activities for the full qualification, and provides a ‘good practice’ model on how units of competency (packaged within any qualification) can be clustered for training and assessment purposes. The rationale behind this Guide has been on a simple yet fundamental principle of instructional logic and design: It is easier and more efficient to provide training and assessment services via an integrated approach than it is to provide the same services via a unit-by-unit approach. Rather than plodding your way through the TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment by delivering each of the 14 units of competency sequentially, this Guide groups all 14 units into six functional areas, and by so doing removes the duplication that exists between each unit. For example, by taking the integrated approach detailed in this Guide, you will only need to deliver a single training session incorporating the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) as a topic.

If you took a unit-by-unit approach, you would have to deliver the same training session five times, because the AQF is an integral component of five separate units in the qualification. The unit-by unit approach to instruction is simply not an effective use of your time or your resource, and it will invariably have a negative impact on your training and assessment budget. From an instructional design viewpoint, the integration of training and assessment activities is the most efficient way of achieving the outcomes of a qualification. By utilising the activities that have been included in this Guide, you will not only save time and money ' you will greatly enhance the way in which you deliver and assess the most important qualification in the vocational education and training (VET) sector. Who this Guide is for This Guide has been developed for those individuals who deliver and assess the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as a complete qualification. If you are employed in one of the following roles and you work in/with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to offer the full qualification, then this Guide is definitely for you: • Vocational Education Teacher • Polytechnic Teacher • Adult Education Teacher • TAFE Lecturer/Teacher • Workplace Trainer and Assessor. How does this Guide work? By working through each of the six functional areas described in the Training and Assessment Schedule of this Guide, you will take your learners through a series of integrated activities that have been carefully designed to build the skills and knowledge that they will need to attain competence in (and be awarded) the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

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