TAEDEL401A/402A Pla, Org. Grp based & Learning in workplace


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Learner Guide supporting two core units TAEDEL401A Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning and TAEDEL402A Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace.

This Guide is arranged in a series of Learning Topics, with background information and multiple activities. The learner can work through one or both units of competency:

• Topic 1 is common to both units. It covers the basic concepts - learning styles, principles and theories that underpin effective group-based and work-based learning. Topics 2-6 relate to unit TAEDEL401A - how to plan, organise and deliver group-based learning, which involve:

• interpreting learning environments and delivery requirements

• preparing session plans

• preparing delivery resources

• delivering and facilitating training sessions

• supporting and monitoring learning.

Topics 7-13 relate to TAEDEL402A, how to plan, organise and deliver work-based learning, which involve:

• establishing effective learning environments

• developing work-based learning pathways

• establishing learning-facilitation relationships

• implementing work-based learning pathways

• maintaining and developing learning-facilitation relationships

• closing learning-facilitation relationships

• reviewing work-based learning pathways.

It is up to date and includes all the latest references and takes the development of employability skills seriously. Click the PDF sample for more information.

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