SITHCCC028A Prepare, cook & serve food for menus


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Important note for this Assessment Tool:

This is an holistic unit describing the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to organise, produce and serve food for menus. It incorporates all aspects of organising, preparing, cooking and serving a variety of food items for a service period in a hospitality enterprise, using a range of cooking methods and team coordination skills. The unit integrates key technical and organisational skills required by a commercial cook. It brings together the skills and knowledge covered in individual units and focuses on the way these must be applied in a commercial kitchen. 

Contexts for this unit may vary depending on the nature of the enterprise. For example, menus may be classical, contemporary or ethnic and service may be formal or informal.

It must be assessed after the student has successfully completed the following pre-requisites:

  •  SITHCCC001A Organise and prepare food 
  • SITHCCC002A Present food 
  • SITHCCC003A Receive and store kitchen supplies 
  • SITHCCC004A Clean and maintain kitchen premises 
  •  SITHCCC005A Use basic methods of cookery 
  • SITHCCC006A Prepare appetisers and salads 
  •  SITHCCC008A Prepare stocks, sauces and soups 
  • SITHCCC009A Prepare vegetables, fruit, eggs and farinaceous dishes 
  •  SITHCCC010A Select, prepare and cook poultry 
  • SITHCCC011A Select, prepare and cook seafood 
  • SITHCCC012A Select, prepare and cook meat 
  •  SITHCCC013A Prepare hot and cold desserts 
  • SITHCCC014A Prepare pastries, cakes and yeast goods 
  • SITHCCC016A Develop cost-effective menus 
  •  SITXFSA001A Implement food safety procedures.

In order for this unit to meet all assessment requirements of the specifically required knowledge, the above units are required to be purchased as an addition to this tool.

This fully customisable Assessment Tool has been developed for use by Australian RTO’s to help them:

- Comply with the quality standards of the AQTF
- Provide a consistent format for assessment tools
- Deliver high quality and practical assessments
- Provide a standard process for conducting assessments

Meet the additional requirements of the VRQA (for Victorian RTOs)

A free Implementation Guide has been written to provide you with information on the tools and instructions on how to use them in both the workplace and classroom based training.

What do you get?

For each unit of competency you will receive a CD that contains the following in both PDF and MSword:

- Student Resource
- Assessor Resource
- Mapping Document

On occasion, one assessment tool may cover more than one unit of competency; however this will only occur for Core Units.

Quality Control and Continuous Improvement

These Assessment Tools have been benchmarked directly against the unit of competency rather than against a learning program. Once completed they are reviewed by:
- a content expert, who is currently training and assessing the unit and
- an experienced VET practitioner who provides feedback on the structure, validity, fairness and flexibility of the assessment tool

This being the case, you can be confident that the Assessment Tools meet the quality requirements of the AQTF.

The National Resource Library welcomes your feedback and suggestions for improvement will be recorded and reviewed on a monthly basis.

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